HST Mask Filter N95 - 20 pieces
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We have stopped producing HST masks and all remaining stock will have to go

Filter pad normal $12 - now $9 per pack
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HST Mask Pad
N95 Filter

Disposable 3 layers PP (Polypropylene) melt-blown mask pad

Specially design and customized to insert into HST Mask

Works better than the surgical mask

1st and 3rd Layers:
PP Spun Bond Non-Woven Fabrics

They are usually used for the outer and inner layers of the surgical mask. Its water repellent property is perfect to block off droplets from coughs and sneezes. 

2nd Middle Layer:
N95 PP Melt-blown Now Woven Fabric

The actual work to block off pollutants and viruses will be done by this N95 filtration layer.

The use of these 3 layer mask pads together with HST cloth mask will be the perfect combination for this difficult COVID period. In fact, it may even work better than those loosely strung surgical masks.

When water is poured on it, the water formats a round droplet and rolling around the mask pad instead of being absorbed by it. It will thus expel any droplets from the cough or sneezes.
It comes in a pack of 20 pcs
or 2 packs of 10pcs depending on availabilities 

This mask pad fits HST adult mask only. 
 It will be required to cut smaller f
or Petite adult/ teen size

HST Mask Pad technical information:

Total weight 100gsm (50gsm PP melt blown in middle + 2 layers of PP protective material)

Thickness is 0.85+/-0.05mm,

Air resistance is 10mmH2O 

Filter efficiency is more than 95%,

Tested by TSI 8130 under the condition of airflow rate 55L/Min.dm2  and 0.3micron NaCl particle

‚ÄčInserting the mask filter is very easy with the help of a staple. You can use the tape at the top left-hand corner in the video to secure if you do not want to use a staple. Alternatively, you can just push the filter into the mask and adjust.
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