HST Mask - Adult Size
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HST Cloth Mask - Adult Size
Individually handmade in Singapore!

Fashionable and stylish

Wash and re-use, low running cost

World wide shipping!
Disclaimer: This face mask is not a proper substitute for the surgical mask. Personnel working in the healthcare industry or hospitals will still require surgical masks. This mask is for the general public so that we have enough surgical masks for medical personnel to do their job and save lives.
Giafranco Fila fabric for use to manufacture face mask

The fabric for the mask consists of the finest 100% Egyptian cotton in 2 ply 100's. Made by Gianfranco Fila in Italy, the cloth mask is guaranteed to feel comfortable to the skin.


It is ergonomically designed by CAD to follow the contour of the face, ensuring a close gap between the side of the face and the mask. Your nose and mouth are sealed from any potential virus in the air around you.


It is specially designed so that there is a pocket of air in front of the nose. Normal masks have very little allowance in front of the nose which might result in difficulty breathing. 


Nose Bridge: Our mask includes a thin flexible metal strip to hug the shape of your nose, ensuring utmost comfort and security


Loop ring: Our specially designed rubber ring allows for the length of ear cord to be adjusted, guaranteeing to fit snugly

The most innovative part of the design is in the filter pouch behind the mask. You can insert your own filter materials into it.
You will be glad to know we also have mask filter pad available specially customized to fit into the HST Mask. Details of the mask filter are here.

Below you will find an option for you to choose a mask filter for 10pcs together with your choice of mask.
If you are going to wear your mask for a long period of time, some of you may develop ear discomfort or pain. Some may even have rashes on your ear.

Our ear protector takes the load out of your ear and thus you will feel relief wearing the mask whole day long.

You will find an option below to purchase this together with your mask. For full details of the ear protector visit here.  

The surface of the mask can be made waterproof by spraying a layer of water repellent coating on. This helps to prevent contact with sneeze or cough droplets from others. You may wish to spray your mask with a new coat of water repellent after a few washes. Both the air filter and water repellent spray can easily get from the hardware store.


4 layered Mask

- one outer layer
- 3 inner layer

Usage recommendation:

1. The cloth mask needs to be washed and disinfected daily after use. 

2. The filter material needs to be disposed of after every use. As the filter material is cheap, the running cost of using the face mask is lower. 

3. The water repellent coating will last you a few washes and needs to be re-coated after a few wears.

Mask Size


Mask is sewed by hand so the measurements are just a close approximation


For Petite Adult or Teen size, click here


Fabric to choose

We will try to send out the mask on the same day when your order is received. 

Free delivery by post in Singapore. 

If you want a peace of mind regarding postage, please choose "Singpost w/ tracking" options during check out. A tracking number will be sent to you after the mask is posted out.

If you choose free postage, and you do not receive the mask, there is nothing much we can do if the address is correct. So please choose wisely.


20-01: SOLD (click for larger image) 20-02 Cute Doggy: 5 pcs left  (click for larger image)HST Cloth Mask
20-04 Superfine Printed Cotton
SOLD (click for larger image)
20-05 Embroidery Taiji  Mask: Available (click for larger image)
20-06: SOLD (click for larger image) 20-07: Dark Denim NEW!  Sold (click for larger image)
20-08 Faces: 2 pcs left (click for larger image) 20-09 Super 120's VBC 100% Wool:
6 pcs left (click for larger image) Dry Clean only
20-10 Blue Denim NEW!
SOLD (click for larger image)
20-11 Bald Bearded Man: Available (click for larger image)
20-12: SOLD (click for larger image)  20-13 Brown Denim: 2 pcs left (click to see larger image)
20-15SOLD (click for larger image)
20-16 Super 120's cotton:
6 pcs left (click for larger image) New!
20-19 Silver Grey Herringbone 100% Cotton New!
Special Cashmere finished, soft to touch
SOLD (click for larger image) 
20-18 Black Denim
SOLD (click to see larger image)
20-21: Available (click for larger image)
20-22: Available (click for larger image)
20-23 Blue Camo Mask: 6 pcs left (click for larger image)
20-24 Camo Mask: 1 pcs left (click for larger image)
20-25: SOLD (click for larger image)
20-26 Superfine Denim:
20-27: Superfine Linen/Cotton
5 pcs left (click for larger image) New!
20-28: Black 100% Superfine Linen
20-29: Superfine 100% Linen
Available (click for larger image) New!

20-30 The Sail: 一帆风顺,平平安安
2 pcs left (click for larger image)
20-31: Available (click for larger image)
20-36: Paisley: 2 pcs left (click for larger image)
20-37: Planes: SOLD (click for larger image)
20-38: (click for larger image)
20-39:  3 pcs left (click for larger image)
20-40: Denim: 1 pcs left (click for larger image)
20-41: Dark Navy Denim
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* Mask Fabric :

* Mask Filter Pad (10pcs):

* Ear Protector (Full grain Leather):

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